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Settings Release 1.2

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Released: Aug 4, 2009
Updated: Sep 21, 2009 by jarrettv
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Application AtomSite 1.2
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Application AtomSite 1.2
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Release Notes

This release runs on ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Final

The twelfth release of AtomSite contains a new area in the AtomSite Manager for modifying settings for the entire site, workspace, or an individual collection. Also, AtomSite can combine and minify the css and javascript files resulting in a faster website. Other new or improved features include:
  • Added other recognized zip mime type for zip plugin uploads
  • Shrink images
  • Update Web Platform Installer manifest and parameters
  • Cleanup errors and warnings in manager
  • Updated the OpenId Library to DotNetOpenAuth
  • Updated OpenId Plugin to use jquery tools overlay and expose
  • Fixed jquery tools overlay so it does not rely on a background image
  • Updated rater widget so it does not rely on dynamic javascript
  • Added AssetGroupMode to settings
  • Added caching and ETags to shared/grouped/combined scripts and styles
  • Update asset registration methods
  • Add AssetScope for tracking scope of Asset
  • Add IPage for allowing pages to plug into the PageModel and Asset system
  • Update to plugin system to detect if compatible, new state added to warn when not compatible
  • Added asset system to support script and style combinations
  • Re-arranged existing assets to support new asset system
  • New AssetService and ThemeService interfaces to support plugable new and existing functionality
  • Updated OpenId plugin to use expose (removed old jquery model script)
  • Separated style and script into separate files for widgets and pages
  • Added dependency on Yahoo.Yui.Compressor for minification of styles and ScriptSources
  • Cleaned up javascript to pull dynamic values from markup thus making it static
  • Cleaned up and re-arranged admin styles
  • Added YUI grids css style file and jquery script file to allow offline development (instead of always pointing to CDN)
  • Fix route insertion to conserve inter merit order
  • Changes to support both non-default merit based routes and error pages
  • Can now sort routes based on merit, not yet built-in support for mapping route merit different from DefaultMerit
  • Changes to plugin interface to support shared assets
  • New ISharedAssetEngine added for future script and style combination of shared scripts
  • Fix "Action/Login" OpenIdPlugin bug
  • Add welcome post for release 1.2
  • Small tweak to avoid exception when multiple alternate links
  • Remove OpenIdWidgets from config by default
  • Update upgrade for blog settings and new CK editor
  • Added offline jquery and css files
  • Updated settings to better support plugin settings
  • Added Blog settings to Collection settings
  • Detect when trying to add entry to read-only collection
  • Changed to CKEditor for rich text editor
  • Reorganized AdminController into partial classes
  • Finished New/Update support for EntireSite, Workspace, Collection Settings
  • Added additional business logic validation checks when saving settings
  • Added automatic rescoping for Authors/Contributors with less privileges
  • Removed some items from menu when not an Administrator
  • Date format fix on EditEntry and EditMedia pages, should be culture sensitive now
  • Removed dependency on jQuery UI in AtomSite Manager (still needs tweaks)
  • Reduced load time of AtomSite Manager by reducing footprint of admin.css
  • Updated authorization to use Scope rather than Id
  • Added Collection Settings
  • AtomSite Manager now supports adding Workspaces, Collections
  • AtomSite Manager now supports adding Authors and Contributors to both Workspaces and Collections
  • Update AdminSettingsEntireSite.aspx page to use widgets
  • Add support for adding administrators
  • Reorganized some code to admin html helper
  • Made secure = false a default value in AppService
  • Extracted plugin logic into PluginEngine.cs
  • Added AdminSettingsEntireSite model, view, and some new actions to AdminController
  • Added some images (some were missing from 1.1 checkin)
  • Remove solution
  • Update caching for anon only

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