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Atom Site and ASP Membership

Jul 16, 2009 at 8:40 PM

Hi all

I have an existing website where I offer blogs to members. I want to change to a blog provider that supports the ASP membership framework with a SQL database and provider. My goal is to build out the website into a social network site, and I want to both extend the blog offerings, but to also add forums and other social areas.

I have a couple of fairly simple questions.

1. Does AtomSite support and integrate with the ASP Membership framework using a SQL Profile/Roles/Membership provider?

2. Can I use AtomSite to offer blogs to site members where the member will be able to administer his or her own blog?

3. Is it possible to host AtomSite on a Windows 2003 Server system? (ie IIS 6)



Jul 18, 2009 at 4:53 AM

1) AtomSite can integrate with the membership framework by implementing a UserRepository on top of the MembershipProvider.  I started this last year but haven't had the need to finish it.  See the source code here:

2) Yes, AtomSite was designed to support multiple blogs and multiple users.  I've recently made progress on improving the AtomSite Manager administration pages to better support this.

3) With the right setup, Atom should run on Win2k3 with IIS6.

However, all of things you ask could use some further work and testing.  Please let me know if your interested in helping improve AtomSite in these areas.

Jul 19, 2009 at 4:20 AM

Hi Jarrett

I am not a developer and would be of limited assistance in creating useable code, especially in C#. I have built a couple of websites using various opensource components (,, so I could likely be of some help in testing within the context of a real-world deployment.

One of the first places I would start is in the Membership Framework implementation. This would seem to be an area with the most return for the least work.

Take a look at This site has Subtext as the blogging engine however I am looking for something which integrates with the ASP Membership Framework so I can offer blogs to "site members". Right now the site is using the Subtext authentication framework, but this means I cannot take advantage of the ASP membership framework. So here I would like to change blog providers to one that supports the ASP Membership Framework.

Then take a look at This site uses the ASP Membership Framework with a SQL database. It really shouldn't matter what database you use as long as it conforms to the ASP Membership Framework, so the SQL part is relatively unimportant. However I would like to offer members of this site the ability to keep their "ship's logs" on the website. This is essentially a customized blogging function. Therefore I need a blog provider that can support multiple blogs, role based authentication, blog "ownership" and some degree of customization with respect to presentation.

If you give me the tools, I can try integrating them into my websites. In fact I am willing to do some testing of sample deployments and experimentation with site development using Atomsite, since the idea of a CMS has a lot of eventual appeal for me. My ultimate goal is to convert into a "community based" social networking site with individual pages (inside of various communities), site wide membership where people "join" a community, forums for communities and who knows what else.

So within this context, where do you think I might be able to help?



Jul 20, 2009 at 3:49 PM

Hey Richard, plugging into the membership framework is something that others are looking at as well.  Hopefully someone will submit a patch for this functionality.