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Using VS 2008 Express with AtomSite source code

Jun 24, 2010 at 12:03 PM


I downloaded the source code of AtomSite with the intention of learning about MVC from it, but being a post-grad student, i only have VS 2008 Express (all langs including WebDev) and cannot load the entire project (something about this version not including project subfolders??) Also i would like to use the framework to develop my own site, and always like to understand code I use as best I can when it isnt my own ;-)

Can anyone recommend a solution to this? I mainly program for the desktop in Java and C/C#, so am not overly adept with VS, perhaps there is some simple solution I do not see?
Alternatively (also), can anyone recommend decent resources for learning MVC for an experienced desktop developer?  I am starting to get my head around some of the main difference between web and desktop development, but some of the intricacies of the MVC framework allude me, and the MS (on tutorials really leave alot to the imagination!

Thanks in advance.