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Project Description
AtomSite (BlogService) is a standards-based online publishing platform. It's free, open, and uses Microsoft's newest web framework. It'll have your new website or blog up in a snap.

BlogSvc is now AtomSite

Overview of AtomSite
Feature Roadmap


Install v1.4 using Web Platform Installer


Newest Released Version Available Here
Latest Source Code is Here (via Subversion)

The main goal of AtomSite is to be THE blog engine for .NET and AtomPub users. Since AtomPub is designed to be extensible, AtomSite is flexible enough to be used as both a blog platform and a content management system (CMS).

The service is designed from the ground up to support multiple workspaces (sites) and multple collections (blogs) from a single application instance. AtomSite has a completely modular design that can be extended to meet almost any need. There is great support for plug-ins and themes.

AtomSite is built using web standards. See the following links for more information:

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